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Snow Shoes and Animal Tracks in the Snow

  Tears of joy ran down my bewhiskered cheeks when I tore colorful Christmas wrapping loose from a large cardboard box with an L.L. Bean label embossed on the end flap. Inside nestled a pair of 48-inch long, ash frame snowshoes that appeared to glow in low light. Rawhide laces. Handcrafted in Canada. I’d dreamed […]

Encounters of the Hawk Kind

Much of eastern Oregon and Washington is raptor country – wide-open surround where red-tailed hawks, northern harriers and American kestrels maintain vigil over cultivated fields and bunchgrass slopes. On any given day you might spot the soaring flight, graceful glide, distinctive hover, or dive bomb of these noble birds as they hunt small mammals and […]

Product Review- Range Reels

              Two words come to mind when I open the flexible waterproof case that holds a 5-6 wt, Avail fly reel: classic and elegant. Precision forged from high-grade aluminum, the reel’s single-piece design exudes performance and longevity. Its fully-sealed, carbon fiber drag system starts slow and evenly applies the brakes to control tension on […]

Springtime fishing for Smallmouth Bass

“Fishing will be slow but bass are large this time of year,” Wayne said, as incentive for me to join him in early March when a cruel northeast breeze ruffled the surface of the Columbia River. The only evidence of spring was a flock of sandhill cranes that chortled as they circled overhead. An empty […]

Try Quincy Lake WA for Spring Trout

Any text message that begins with “Let’s go fishing!” should lead to quick resolution. However, most of us retirees have definite opinion about where, when, and how to fish. Three days, 29 text messages, and 13 e-mails later, we three long-time friends decide to haul our pontoon boats to Quincy Lake. Quincy Lake is located […]

Night Time is the Right Time for Big Walleye

“There’s not enough antifreeze in my blood to stay on the water for another pass,” I say to my fishing partner. It is the last week in January. Our rod guides are iced up after trolling in dense fog for three hours without success. “Suits me,” he replies. “I never figured you for a good […]