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The following is a partial list of topics presented to public schools, civic and conservation groups, museums, and bookstores over the past several years. Of particular interest to me are those about the natural history and ecology of Columbia River fishes and Blue Mountain streams.

• Dam Removal or Status Quo. A Balanced Perspective.

• Fly Fishing Blue Mountain Streams for Trout and Steelhead

• Tales of Natural History and Adventure on the Columbia River.

• The Plight of Native Fishes not Protected under the Endangered Species Act.

• What’s More Important: Salmon, Fish-Eating Birds, Sea Lions or Minnows?

• Stream Birds of the Blues: Natural History and Ecology.

• History of Fish and Fishing in the Columbia Basin.

• A Writing Life. From Science to the General Public

• History of Fly Fishing in Western Waters

Upcoming Venues: Events planned for 2024 include:

• Presentation at the Othello Sandhill Crane Festival, March 23, 1 pm, “Stories about our fellow creatures.”

• Book signing at Inklings in Yakima, WA  May 25, 1-3 pm.

• Book signing at Book & Game, Walla Walla, WA. June 15, noon-2 pm

• Book signing at Book For All Seasons, Leavenworth, WA  July 13, 1-3 pm

• Presentation to the Kelly Creek Flycasters in Lewiston, ID, October 10, 7 pm. “Fly Fishing Blue Mountain Streams for Steelhead and Trout”

Please contact me if your group is looking for an entertaining and informative speaker. The same form can be used to contact me directly if you wish to purchase signed copies of my books for yourself or others.

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