Bury Me With My Fly Rod

BURY WITH MY FLY ROD: The Unvarnished Truth About Fly Fishing

FISHHEAD PRESS IN COOPERATION WITH KEOKEEBOOKS.COM (2019) 212 pages, soft cover, illustrated by Ronald Reed.


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Travel a “spoke of the wheel” tour of northeastern Oregon trout streams where Dauble battles the “Mike Tyson” of Couse Creek, hikes into Spirit Mountain, and soaks flies near his cabin in the Umatilla River canyon. Regale in tales about grasshoppers on a string, beaver scat, dogs that herd trout, and how not to teach your honey to cast. Swing a fly for steelhead on the Deschutes and Columbia rivers and chase “Brownies” on the Isle of Skye. Learn what makes a perfect rod and the secret of huckleberry cream pie. Contains award-winning photos and 25 original illustrations by Ronald Reed.

“Dennis Dauble writes with humor and eloquence about fly fishing’s capacity to reach across generations, connecting family, friends, and fishing companions. ”

– Craig Schumann, Editor of Fly Fishing & Tying Journal and author of 40 Great American Trout Flies.

“ Bury Me With My Fly Rod is a joyful read, laced with light humor, insight and wisdom.”

– David Paul Williams, author of Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth.

“Dauble’s personal accounts remind me of all the reasons I take to the water. His reflective, entertaining and realistic writing style makes for a highly enjoyable read.”

– George Krumm, Editor of Fish Alaska and Hunt Alaska