One Last Cast - Dennis Dauble

One More Last Cast

165 PAGES, SOFT COVER $12.95


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What do tiny bars of complimentary soap, spam sandwiches, and pillow hogs have to do with fishing? When does one last cast begat another? Why do some people confusing fishing with sex? This collection of short stories answers those questions and more. As author Dennis Dauble states in this well-crafted 25 story collection, “Fishing creeps into your thoughts, conversations, and dreams to create transcendent connections that surprise and amaze. Contains 25 original illustrations by Ronald Reed.

“Smokey campfires, cranky outboards, dirt roads, warm beer, fickle fishing partners, and bad decisions that seemed so right at the time. Perfect ingredients for great outdoor stories.”

– Terry Sheely, author of The Northwest Sportman Almanac and Washington State Fishing Guide

Dennis Dauble’s writing is honest and genuine. His vivid descriptions of fishing places and experiences bring the accounts of real, everyday fishermen to life!

–Richy J. Harrod, Producer of The Northwest Outdoorsmen

 “Want some chuckles? A few belly laughs? Here’s where zeal collides with fate.”

– Wayne Heinz, author of Fish On and Depthfinders.