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On Eating Trout

Wheat harvest is in full swing as I drive south across sun-burnished slopes of the Blue Mountains. Dust devils send chaff spinning above disturbed fields of stubble. Mourning doves flush from the edge of the road, gathering gravel for their crops. It’s been two weeks since I last wet a line and stream trout are […]

One last bass before the sun goes down

My fishing buddy is a liar. Unlike other anglers I know, he does not fib about location or the size and number of bass he catches. He also does not fabricate descriptions of lures he uses, water clarity, or temperature. This information is readily shared after he enters it into a spread sheet for the […]

Rafting the Wallowa for Redside Rainbows

            Our summer float trip on northeastern Oregon’s Wallowa River started off with Ken admitting that he had left a large bag of fresh-made cookies on the kitchen counter. “How many did you make?” Ted asked.             “Sixty. They’re chocolate chip,” Ken replied.             We were 15 minutes down the road. I did the math […]