Product Review: Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

I admit to favoring a rake over a leaf blower, but when it comes to keeping a razor sharp edge on your knife there’s no better tool than the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener (

Think mini-belt sander for knives and be enlightened about different degrees of sharp that include “toothy,” “shaving” and “shining.” The heavy-duty molded plastic and stainless steel sharpening unit has an adjustable precision guide to optimize blade angles from 15-300. Up to five abrasive belts, from extra coarse to extra fine grit, can be used depending on desired application. A variable speed motor handles everything from grinding to honing on standard 60 Hz household power.

The basic unit retails for $70 and the Ken Onion Edition, which I own, retails for $130. Add the optional tool grinding attachment–recommended for sharpening your hatchet, axe and mower blades – for $50. After sharpening my entire home collection of outdoor, filet and kitchen knives, I took the unit to my cabin, set up on the dining room table and quietly honed a dozen vintage steak and carving knives to a dangerous edge inside of 30 minutes.

If you appreciate well-made tools, buy it. This endorsement comes from an old-school knife aficionado who relied on a file and a honing stone for far too many years.