Product Review: Fillet Away Fish Mat

There’s something about fish slime that makes filleting a challenge. Have you ever slid the catch of the day off your filet table or kitchen counter at a critical moment? Like when you are working the tip of your knife blade across its rib bones? I know I often struggled to hold fish in place until I tested an innovative new product.

Fillet Away Fish Mat (, resembles an old-fashioned rubber doormat in appearance but it’s not for scraping the heel of your shoe on. Its designed surface of nonabsorbent plastic and vulcanized rubber is covered with tiny angled pegs that grip and hold a fish in place with a minimum of pressure.

At 19 inches long by 14 inches wide, these mats are especially effective for filleting walleye, smallmouth bass and panfish.  I recently observed a Columbia River guide line up two mats to work through a boatload of Chinook salmon.

It’s time to toss out your nasty old Astroturf rug. “Fillet Away” cleans up neat and easy. Dirt, blood, oils and grime wash off with the swish of a hose. If hose-cleaning doesn’t meet your standards, it is also dishwasher safe! Proudly made in the good ol’ U.S.A., each filet mat retails in most stores for $24.99.